Logo Digitizing


Logo Degitizing Course

Course Tenure:

Fee Schedule:

Mode of Payment:

Module#1: One-time Cash Payment Fee. RS 35000

Module#2: 2-Part Payment 18000+18000 in First two months

Module#3: Rs. 10000 Per Month for 4 Months.

Note: Certification if required will be charged accordingly.
We offer a comprehensive logo digitizing Training services, catering to various needs and preferences. The process for customers seems straightforward. They can submit their design along with requirements using the provided form. The option to attach various file types allows flexibility, and customers can even provide a hand-drawn design if needed. This personalized approach caters to individuals or businesses looking to promote their brand through custom embroidery on different products.
At Needle Crafts Pakistan artistry meets innovation in the realm of embroidered logo digitizing. Our commitment to excellence is underlined by a set of strengths that distinguish us as a premier design studio in the ever-evolving world of fashion and embroidery. If users don’t have a design, they can either sketch it on paper, create it themselves, or seek assistance from a professional designer. The flexibility in input methods and the inclusion of various services make Needle Crafts Pakistan a versatile choice for those seeking embroidery digitizing training.
We have a team of seasoned Sketchers and embroidery digitizers. Their combined expertise spans both the creative and technical facets of logo design. Whether it’s envisioning exquisite Corporate Logo Creation, Branding, or patch work etc., our team is dedicated to transforming concepts into stunning realities.

Training Modules:

Semester 01

1. Software Review> Basic Drawings> Design Alignment and Resizing
2. Arrangements and Pattern Making
3.Digital Sketching>Sample Sketching.

Semester 02

1. Digitizing/Punching> Stitch Cosmetics and Professional Settings
2. Advance Digitizing Techniques> Auto and Manual Sequin/Cross Stitch
3. Cording Work and Aari Punching & Logs

Semester 03

1. Stitch Handling and Cost Reduction> Design Traveling Tools and Tricks
2. Design Driving Basic and Connecters> Head Setting, Head Skipping, Double Head
3. Design Editing, Modification, and Needles Control

Semester 04

1. Project Costing> Project preparations
2. Finishing for Production
3. Commercial Internship

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