Online Classes 


Online Classes

Course Tenure:

Fee Schedule:

Mode of Payment:

Module#1: One-time Cash Payment Fee. RS 35000

Module#2: 2-Part Payment 18000+18000 in First two months

Module#3: Rs. 10000 Per Month for 4 Months.

Note: Certification if required will be charged accordingly.
Needle Crafts Pakistan is offering live and online classes for professional embroidery digitizing through Zoom. This interactive approach, where participants can visualize the instructor’s computer screen and engage with both the instructor and other students, provides a dynamic learning experience.
For anyone interested in joining these classes, it’s great to know that they can choose group classes based on their convenience and schedule.
The interactive approach offered by Needle Crafts Pakistan’s live and online embroidery digitizing classes is truly beneficial for those seeking to master this skill. The ability to visualize the instructor’s screen, engage with fellow participants, and choose group classes based on their schedule are all valuable aspects of their learning experience.

Training Modules:

Semester 01

1. Software Review> Basic Drawings> Design Alignment and Resizing
2. Arrangements and Pattern Making
3.Digital Sketching>Sample Sketching.

Semester 02

1. Digitizing/Punching> Stitch Cosmetics and Professional Settings
2. Advance Digitizing Techniques> Auto and Manual Sequin/Cross Stitch
3. Cording Work and Aari Punching & Logs

Semester 03

1. Stitch Handling and Cost Reduction> Design Traveling Tools and Tricks
2. Design Driving Basic and Connecters> Head Setting, Head Skipping, Double Head
3. Design Editing, Modification, and Needles Control

Semester 04

1. Project Costing> Project preparations
2. Finishing for Production
3. Commercial Internship

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