Digital Textile Design


Digital Textile Design Course

Course Tenure:

Fee Schedule:

Mode of Payment:

Module#1: One-time Cash Payment Fee. RS 35000

Module#2: 2-Part Payment 18000+18000 in First two months

Module#3: Rs. 10000 Per Month for 4 Months.

Note: Certification if required will be charged accordingly.
Its an opportunity to become a Digital Fabric Designer or Surface Designer through a comprehensive Digital Textile Design Course. This course appears to offer a well-rounded education that not only taps into the creative aspects of design but also focuses on practical skills necessary for the modern textile industry. Here are some key highlights from the description:
The course goes beyond digital pattern design and teaches how to turn these designs into printed fabrics and other exciting products. This not only adds practical application to the skills learned but also opens avenues for entrepreneurship or product development.The incorporation of the best fabric design software, such as Adobe Suite, demonstrates a commitment to teaching industry-standard tools, ensuring that students are well-prepared for professional settings.Preparation for Digital Printing: The inclusion of preparing designs for digital printing is a crucial aspect, aligning the course with the latest trends and technologies in the textile industry.
Professional Portfolio Development: The focus on professionally laying out a textile design portfolio is an essential element. A well-structured portfolio is vital for showcasing one’s skills and securing opportunities in the competitive field of design. Overall, the Digital Textile Design Course seems to provide a holistic learning experience, preparing aspiring designers for success in the dynamic and evolving field of digital fabric and surface design.

Training Modules:

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